We had to change the format of our offers and bundles as it caused a stock malfunction with products being still available when they were in fact sold out.

However all of the offers are still there. In order to receive the offers you’ll have to add the single items in your basket, then apply the correct discount code.

So here you find all offers available and their discount codes.

LARGE BUNDLE: 2 bottles of wine, 2 pasta sauces and 2 packets of pasta. Save £1 with code LARGEBUNDLE

SMALL BUNDLE: 2 pasta sauces and 2 packets of pasta. Use code SMALLBUNDLE

Buy ANY 3 JARS and SAVE £1. Use code 3JARS

Buy  ANY 3 QUICHES and SAVE £1. Use code 3QUICHES

5% OFF entire order  over £25 if you come and collect from our HQ. Use code PICKUP

I hope it’s not too difficult! This way you also enjoy the benefit of selecting exactly what you want in your order and not just what you you get left with.

Any problems, please get in touch.